PIT PRO™ 250 Gallon Tote

PIT PRO™ 250 Gallon Tote

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PIT PRO (Label) is for use in manure pits / lagoons to increase pump-ability and reduce solids for a more uniform pump-out and distribution of your manure.

How to use it:

Apply 50% of recommended rate when pit is 25-35% full, then apply 25% of recommended rate when pit is 50% full, and apply remaining 25% of recommended rate 30 days prior to pump-out. 

For maximum performance distribute product equally through pit pump outs.

Rate Calculations

*Rate Assumptions: PitPro / 100K Gal of Manure




Low Rate

2 Gal of Pit Pro

1.5 Gal of Pit Pro

High Rate 4 Gal of Pit Pro 3 Gal of Pit Pro

Expected benefits at low end of recommended rate:

  • Keeps solids from building up at bottom of pit.
  • Dislodging of solid buildup at bottom of pit < 12".
  • Increase your agitation efficiency.
  • Increase uniformity and distribution of manure during pump-out.

Expected benefits at high end of recommended rate:

  • All benefits listed above.
  • Dislodging of >12" of solids annually at bottom of pit.