“Busting up the crust and removing the solids took far less time and effort than it usually does. I was able to get other field work done a full day earlier because of it!”

Dean Dahlstrom, Minnesota

The crust busted up and pumped out easier with the treatment. The smell of the manure is far less potent too.”

Joel Brunner, Wisconsin

My manure is the same consistency at the first load as it is at the end, I pumped 7 more loads than I normally would have.

Larry Plagman, Iowa

My treated building is a lot more consistent and easier pumping. 

Rich Hansen, IA

How it Works

Pit Pro works as an ultra-negative charged long-chained molecule. When Pit Pro enters the pit, it immediately starts drawing up the positively charged solid particles off the bottom of your pit, just like a magnet, dislodging solid buildup.  The length and width of the molecules in Pit Pro allow it to stay in suspension, like a feather floating in the air, pulling molecules into suspension with it.